The passing storm


Canon 7d/Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens. UV Filter. Lee Big Stopper 10 stop neutral density filter. Induro at-113 tripod and bhd-1 ballhead. ISO 100, 17mm, F11 @ 121 seconds. processed in Lightroom 3 and Nik Silver Efex Pro. Please click on image to view its large size!

Well true to form what would a camping trip be in Vermont this year without lightning, thunder, rain and hail? Storm clouds had been building all day on our ride to Ricker Pond and we were expecting rain at some point in the day. Wouldn’t you know it that maybe a few hours after we arrived at our camp that we heard distant thunder rumbling in the area.

Alison and I decided to take a walk down to this beach and cool off a little when about five minutes after we got here it started to rain. I think I took about two or three shots before packing it in and heading back to our camp. The lightning and thunder had increased by now along with the rain and all of a sudden…Crack! A lightning strike right in our general area and me holding my huge metal tripod like a dummy! By the time we got back to our camp it was hailing and the temperature had dropped about twenty degrees…It was madness I tell you!

The above image was taken about an hour later as we had some friends that were staying at the pond as well and we walked back down to this beach. The clouds in the image are the back-end ones of the storm and I saw a good opportunity to pull out the Big Stopper and get some streaky clouds. The photo gods smiled at me I think…As I was making the exposure two girls wandered onto the beach and almost into the frame but they were so nice! They saw me taking pictures and kindly waited until I made this one long exposure.


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