Camera Phone Thursday-Red Clover

Red Clover, The Vermont State Flower taken with a Droid Incredible camera phone and macro lens attached. Processed in Lightroom 3, Silver Efex Pro and Focal Point 2.

The dandelions have died back and right after this happens the red clover start to appear all over the place here in Vermont. I actually consider both more than just weeds and I love their structures as a photographic subject. I happened to see this brand new one popping out of the ground and thought it would make a great photo-op with the macro lens!

As with any macro lens and coupled with a smart phone camera these small subjects can be difficult to capture in even the slightest breeze. My shaky hands don’t help either but after several attempts I managed to capture the above image. I gave this image the black and white treatment with a pretty extreme vignette because I really wanted the middle of the bloom to stand out. I also added in some film grain for some texture to it….Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Camera Phone Thursday-Red Clover

  1. Great shot for snagging a macro on a phone! I totally need to get some accessories so I can do this on my phone, and I certainly hear you on the shaking hands bit. I may need to invest in a tripod just for the phone 😉

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