Still Waters

Location: Burlington, Vermont waterfront just before sunset on Lake Champlain. ISO 200, 40mm, F11 @ 240 seconds. Canon 7d/Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens. UV filter. Lee Big Stopper 10 stop neutral density filter. Induro at-113 tripod and bhd-1 ballhead.

Today’s image was taken in May right at the height of the flooding we had here. I love these barge poles as subjects because under the right conditions they can add a nice static  element to any image with the clouds and water in it. Here you see just the tops of these barge poles..Normally the height of the water is much lower but if I was standing next to these poles my head would be where the water level is in the image!

I shot the image just as the sun was going down and had every intention of getting some nice color in the sky behind the barge poles. As luck would have it I did not quite get the color I was looking for however when I processed this image as a black and white in Silver Efex Pro to my surprise I loved the look and feel much better as a monochrome. I used the +1 overexposure preset and it was enough to lighten up everything except the barge poles and the mountains in the distance. My focus was on the poles and I wanted them to be much darker than everything else in the image. You can see some of my other barge pole images here and here and then here and here.


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