Canon 7d/Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens. UV filter. Lee Big Stopper 10 stop neutral density filter. ISO 200, 37mm, F11 @ 74 seconds. Leddy Beach. Burlington, Vermont.

I am posting today’s image just to get some opinion on it. Over the past weekend we had some rain and overcast skies so here I was trying to make the best of it. In between spurts of rain I headed to a local beach to do this self-portrait. I cannot claim the idea as I have seen a few images of this type but I wanted to make some one of my own and this is my go at it!

Call it sleep deprivation at this early morning hour but I made one stupid mistake here…When shooting with the Big Stopper the camera must be on bulb and when I took my position on the chair I had no way of stopping the exposure. I was too far away to use my wireless shutter release so I had to get up in order to click the shutter closed. When I processed the image I actually liked the ghosting effect….You can also see movement in the chair which was it sinking a little into the sand during the exposure.

Right after this exposure I had my first hassle by the “man” as a photographer. Even though there was no signs I was told that I could not be on the beach as it was completely devoid of people and it was too dangerous. (To be fair to the parks and rec, Many of the beaches in town are destroyed because of all the flooding..This one included.) Well no chance on this day to correct my mistake…Please let me know your opinion on this one!


18 thoughts on “Ghost

  1. Some of the best ideas started out as mistakes! I don’t mean to get too deep but this one turned out great and adds a real sense of loss that compliments the destruction caused by the flooding. I love it Andy!!

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