Greetings from Maine!


Hey everyone! Just wanted to make a quick post so you all don’t forget about me. Currently we are on vacation in Bar harbor, Maine and the Acadia national park area. It is difficult to describe just how beautiful that the area is and I hope that I can somehow capture it in images for everyone when we return.
The weather has been fantastic however not much in the way of clouds or dramatic weather events. I have been getting up at five a.m. every morning to shoot and to get some good light but find myself struggling to shoot in some pretty fierce sunlight. Most of the images I have shot so far have been with a 2 stop graduated neutral and a 3 stop neutral density filter combo to tame the sun or the Lee big stopper 10 stop neutral density.
All is not lost as I have been rolling with the punches and I have made a few successful shots and continue to shoot as much as I can. Yesterday we went into Acadia and visited Jordan pond and The “bubbles” which are two smaller mountains on one end of the pond and hiked around the area. Today we drove to Bass Harbor where their is a small lighthouse built on a rocky cliff. We had blue skies and dramatic views here and I scrambled around the rocky getting a few images.
The image above is a stop we made which is on the way to Bass Harbor, It is a natural stone seawall with views of the ocean for miles around. I made a few long exposures here and :fingers crossed: I hope they turn out well.


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