Thunder hole, Acadia National Park…Maine.




Yesterday we headed out into Acadia National Park and our detination was Thunderhole…A very popular spot on the loop road which runs around the park. The park itself is located on Mount Desert Island and has some very impressive stretches of coastline.
Thunderhole gets its name from the seawater which has slowly throughout the years carved a cave out of the rocks on the shoreline. During the peak tide times when the seawater enters the cave it creates this sound just like a thunderclap. When the seas are rough the waves are quite impressive as well, Shootong up to fourty feet in the air! We however missed the right tide time so we did not hear the thunderclap….However this coastline is just beautiful and is not to be missed.
As you can see from the above images I had to fight hordes of people to make my images. Willing to take a risk I said screw it amd scrambled down the rocks right to the oceans edge. I opted for long exposures with the big stopper here versus faster shutter speeds. With the intense sun blazing down the longer exposures were a better choice and I got a few great shots of the water breaking over the rocks here. I am looking forward to getting home and processing these images!


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