Graceful Curve

Portland, Maine with the Casco Bay Bridge in the background.

Our last two nights in Maine were spent in Downtown Portland and as luck would have it our hotel room was on the 9th floor overlooking the harbor. The view was incredible but shooting from a hotel window can be very challenging. You have to wait for just the right light and oftentimes there can be funky shadows reflecting off of the glass.

Never one to back down from a photo challenge I made several attempts from the window and came away with several keepers including a succesful panoramic. I was really loving the Casco Bay bridge in the background. It is actually a drawbridge but it had this really graceful curve to it and I liked how there was all of the city elements in front of it.

Portland is similar in look and feel to my hometown of Burlington but just twice as large! I made the image with the intention of adding some blur in Focal Point 2 to give it that miniaturized look that can be really cool in a cityscape like this. The perspective here reminded me of a model train set being elevated from the ground. The image is towards the end of the day and I made the b+w conversion in Lightroom this time instead of in Silver Efex Pro.

Image Data: ISO 100, 50mm, F11 @ 1/6. Canon 7d/ Canon 50mm F1.8 EF lens. UV Filter. Induro tripod and ballhead.


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