Point the way

Rock pillar and rocky coastline just after sunrise. Frenchman's Bay. Bar Harbor, Maine.

Today’s image was shot out of necessity one day after I had gotten up about five a.m. to do some sunrise shooting. I should have prepared a little more but on a few mornings including this one I felt a little crowded out by my fellow photogs who were also shooting in the area. I looked at what everyone else was shooting and not one to follow the herd I ventured down the coastline here to see what else I could shoot that was different.

The water levels here in Bar Harbor seemed to be really low even with the changing of the tides and this rock pillar stuck out to me way above the waterline. I loved its shape and how it was pointing towards the small island in the distance! I had to HDR this one as the shadows on the rock were pretty extreme from the rising sun to the left of the frame. I did however notice as the light was striking the rock pillar it had  beautiful tones of color on it and I just had to shoot this!

The five days we were here were dominated by smooth weather with either no clouds or flat shapeless ones. Their really wasn’t much activity In the water here in the bay so I made due with some other types of shots. No rocky seacoast images here with waves crashing against the shore! I think that’s whats great about what we do…There is a surprise around every corner.



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