View of the sea

Pine tree on the top of a cliff between Thunder hole and Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, Maine.

Acadia National Park is a busy place and this stretch of ocean view was no exception. After shooting at Thunder hole for the day we headed just a quick walk down to the coast to Sand Beach. I really have never seen so many people in one area at a park before and trying to find good vantage points for images was a true test of patience. I like to look away from what other people are shooting or looking at and that’s when I spied this little guy just asking to be photographed.

This small pine tree is on a cliff right between these two popular spots in Acadia and there wasn’t a soul around! This tree had the best view around in my humble opinion with cliffs all around and the ocean right below the cliff this tree is on. (It’s actually quite a fall from this point.) I love these old and weathered trees and in keeping with yesterday’s post, This image was similar to that one. The part of the tree directly facing the ocean was dead but most of the other parts of it seemed to be thriving and in good condition. I made this image late in the day and there was just a hint of color in the clouds.


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