Out of the mist

Ricker pondRicker Pond. Groton State Forest. Groton, Vermont. Fog and rocks just after sunrise. HDR image.

This image was taken the morning after a big storm had passed through our campsite on Ricker Pond way back in June. The first image I posted from that trip here was also after a quick storm passed through within a few hours of us arriving at the campground. I got this set of brackets for a HDR image on our last morning at the campground and it was damn cold for June. The wacky weather we had in the beginning of the Summer struck again because I was wearing a winter hat while I was making this image!

I was enjoying this small rock formation here at the pond and I really focused on it while I was there. I never really have gotten successful images with these rocks so this is where I focused most of my attention. I was fortunate to get a nice backdrop of fog behind the rocks and it gave the image a kind of  spooky feel. The fog was lifting rather fast here but I managed to get all of the images that I wanted to make here. I think the HDR process really brought out much of the rocks texture in this one!

Image Data: 7 image HDR capture. Canon 7d/Canon 17-40mm L series lens. UV filter. Induro at-113 tripod and bhd-one ballhead.


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