Three by sea

Thunderhole. Acadia National Park. Mount Desert Island, Maine.

Thunderhole is a popular destination in Acadia National Park which made getting good composition here difficult but not impossible. The park has a series of carriage roads which traverse the park making going to and finding sites very easy. This location was mobbed when we got there and I had to take a little initiative to make this image. I saw that no one would approach this view and get close to these rocks as the waves were crashing right below the camera position.

I jumped at the chance and set up my gear when I noticed that these series of rocks were lined up in the bottom third of the frame. The two formations in front drew my eye straight back to the third one way off in the distance. Being so close to the shore the water is more churned up giving it a black appearance when doing the conversion to black and white. To either side of this frame are huge cliffs which were covered in people and would not have given me this image composition here.

An added benefit was the nice streaky clouds off to the back of the frame. This image was taken in the middle of the day with some pretty intense sun however the ten stop filter and a two stop graduated made this image possible. I made a mental note here as this location would be quite fantastic at sunrise.

Image Data: Canon 7d/Canon 17-40 mm F4 L series lens. UV filter. Ten stop neutral density filter and a two stop graduated neutral density filter. Induro tripod and ballhead. ISO 100, 27mm, F11 @ 57 seconds


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