Walk the plank!

                   Long Exposure of the Perkins Pier boat docks. Burlington, Vermont.

Perkins Pier is part of the waterfront area here in Burlington which was set aside for everyone to enjoy. Along with the pier areas there is also a bike path which winds it way on the Shores of Lake Champlain out to nearby Colchester and up to the Champlain Islands. It was named after a local doctor who lived in Burlington and died in 1959. He was known for treating the poor in the city and the pier area was named in his honor.

I took this image after the flooding had subsided finally when the put the boat docks out but before there were boats moored. I really love the shape and lines here of these docks and I was looking to shoot them in a new way. I just so happened on this day that the skies were overcast with flat and boring clouds however there was movement to them and I thought a long exposure would work here.

As I was setting up for this image I watched in horror as my filter holder and ten stop filter dropped to the ground, Almost bouncing into the water! You know in the movies when something bad is about to happen and someone tries to stop it with everything going into slow-mo for that person? Yep that was me..Going in slow-mo while my filter dropped to the dock. Call it me sleepiness at sunrise when I made this image but I Learned my lesson and won’t let that happen again! I noticed later in editing that you can see the reflection of the moving clouds in the water, A nice little side benefit to a long exposure.

Image Data: ISO 100, 23mm, F11 @ 30 seconds.


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