All Aboard!

Long exposure with fishing pier and schooner. Frenchmans Bay. Bar Harbor, Maine.

I loved the structure of this pier and was quite fascinated with it while we were on vacation in Bar Harbor. I tried to shoot the pier numerous times and at all hours of the day with no success until the last day that we spent there. The water levels in the harbor seemed to be on the low side most of the time that we were there even with the changing of the tides. This was the only chance I had over five days where the water level was high enough under the pier to get a decent long exposure with the Big Stopper.

The two negatives that I had going against me were that I had to shoot this image in the afternoon and the weather was extremely hot and humid with a cloudy haze blanketing the area. I did manage to get the image that I had envisioned with the pier as more of a silhouette but I also got a little bonus when I processed the image later. The Big Stopper records the blue color tones in the image giving the shot a cool tone rather than a warm one.

The haze here was the only thing that didn’t work  for me but when I desaturated  the blue color channel in lightroom I got the above image. As you can see the red in the boat and the green of the plants on the pier were retained which gave this image some interesting parts to focus on.


8 thoughts on “All Aboard!

  1. Love the perspective of the pier and the reflections in the bay. I’ve read that the Big Stopper has a cooler color shift than standard NDs. Mine definitely have a shift toward the warmer side of the spectrum.

  2. Really cool persp and effect. almost looks like a TS shot.

    One strange thing I noticed is that in my browser window, which is half sized right now – multitasking – when scrolling down the pier looks like it’s bouncing. Just a trick of the eye and the way it’s processed. Kinda cool none the less 🙂

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