Up the stream

                                                        Preston Brook. Bolton, Vermont.

While waiting for the flooding to go down early this Spring I ventured inland to Bolton, Vermont which is about 40 minutes away from my home. It is a mountainous area on the way to Montpelier which is our state capital. This particular brook follows a very steep road up a mountain with only room enough for one car going in either direction! If another vehicle is going down while your going up someones pulling off into the trees. This image is about a quarter of the way up the brook and I did like the composition here with the brook leading into the forest beyond.

I made a HDR shot here as the brook was much darker than the forest part of this image. I like this image but it illustrates to me why HDR just does not look right in certain shooting situations. I have never really been happy with HDR images of water or of the sky and clouds. I can only speak on my own work and experiments shooting HDR images with water or clouds but the more I do the more I think they look awful when processed. I love HDR for old buildings and rusty machinery…I think this look is fantastic but I am starting to lose interest in HDR nature images. How do you all feel about HDR?


10 thoughts on “Up the stream

  1. I like this one Andy. Very nice. With respect to HDR I think the scene has to fill the need for HDR. What I mean by that is there needs to be strong constrast that may be missed by a single image. Well lit landscapes often do not need to be done in HDR. Enhancements and corrections can be taken care of by ones favorite sw tool.

  2. I agree that an image needs to require an HDR process for it to benefit from the technique. Based on your description, this sounds like it was a good fit and I think it turned out very nice. I’ve learned that processing landscapes in HDR can be a very tricky endeavor especially if you have lots of trees or slow moving water. Lighting in these situations can also wreak havoc on your brackets later as well. Tone mapping tends to enhance and brighten the colors in a landscape too much for my tastes so I do a lot of desaturation to ground things a little more.

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