By the shore

A long exposure of boats in Frenchmans Bay just after sunrise. Bar Harbor, Maine.

This was on of those day’s on our recent trip to Maine were I was out shooting at sunrise and as the Sun rose the light was really intense. In an effort to eek out a few more minutes of shooting time I turned away from the sun and made this image. This was the only morning where I was blessed with some clouds in the sky. I really took a liking to this bay, Being able to watch the lobstermen head out for the day’s catch was quite a thrill and much different from my usual shooting environment here in Vermont.

I struggled for a few day’s to get any type of long exposure image but as I was looking over this composition I noticed all of the piers and the great reflections that would be had by breaking out the ten stop filter. I liked the combination of the exposed shoreline with the boats and piers reflecting in the water. It was nice to be able to enjoy the quiet of the beginning of the day…Oh with the exception of the tourist, business guy who walked by me while I was making this image blabbering on and on into his cell phone!


14 thoughts on “By the shore

  1. Great shot Andy! I love the blue tones that ar offset by the bright red boat. Very well done. I think I might head out tomorrow morning for a sunrise. The Maine coast is great for those!

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