Fading away

Grouping of old and forgotten barge poles at sunrise on Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont

I came across this series of barge poles a few weeks ago while out scouting the waterfront for some fresh photo ops. They make great subjects for long exposures and I really love the history that they contain. This particular set makes for a very difficult composition because of their position along the shore line. The shore in this area was built out and up with huge blocks of rock butting up against where this line of barge poles are located. Complicating matters is that you can jump in the water here to shoot but it is knee to waist deep with very slippery rocks.

This is one of those locations I am going to have to visit several times in order to investigate all of the compositional possibilities. The rough slope of rocks makes tripod positioning very difficult but not impossible for an intrepid photographer! To most these may be old and forgotten relics but I look past that and see their beauty as photo subjects. Time and the elements are slowly eating away at the wood and I can only hope to get one competent image here before they fade away forever.

Image data: ISO 100. Lens set to 20mm. F11 @ 301 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper ten stop neutral density filter attached.


18 thoughts on “Fading away

  1. I must admit, I like this composition better than yesterdays… I felt yesterday’s pole tops were too close to matching the horizon so it looked like they were holding it up! 🙂 Great job capturing and processing the image.

    • ANdy…I have not tried it in black and white yet. I am waiting for early winter when the boats in the background will be gone. I like the composition but the background is not so good. When the sunlight hits the white hulls of the boats its hard to correct for. I will try again though!

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