Stand out

Purple Loosestrife on the shore of Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont.

During the week I now have three full days off to devote to photography work and I am trying to make the most of that time working as much as I can. Yesterday I gave myself a challenge to change things up a bit and just shoot at F4 with a sixteen foot off camera shoe cord and my Canon speedlight. I have been concentrating on high-speed sync flash photography as I love the look of your main subjects popping off of the image when done correctly. I am still a noob when it comes to flash work but I think my work is progressing with it.

I did not wake up in time for sunrise shots but I knew with my flash that I really could tame the intense sun and clouds that have been around lately. I think it is good every now and again to break out of shooting the same thing and I was really looking for subjects that would really stand out with the flash. This flower,(I consulted a book on wildflowers of New England and Purple Loosestrife was my best guess) was the first subject that caught my eye as I was wondering around the shore line. I suppose most people might think that it was a weed but I looked beyond that and saw its true potential as a photographic subject. Whats really amazing is that after all the spring flooding,(This area in the image was submerged in water well over the top of the flower for a few months.) This flower still remains clinging to life in the harsh environment among the rocks.

Image Data: ISO 100. Lens set to 17mm. F4 @ 1/4000. Canon 430 ex 2 speedlight set to manual at full power.


6 thoughts on “Stand out

  1. Nice shot Andrew!! I follow the same credo to change things up now and again. Keeps things fresh. I also enjoy you photos of the old pilings that are just hanging on. The photos have a nice mood to them.

  2. Hey Andy, this is great! What an inspirational post to share today, you’ve really got me thinking about trying new things. Great results, my friend, you’re right, that flower totally pops out at us! Funny story, I was out shooting “pretty things” myself a while back, just for practice with my new lens… I got home, processed a bunch of stuff and was admiring it when Mrs. Toad looked over and said matter-of-factly “nice weeds”.

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