Birch Tree at sunrise along the walking path which follow the coastline in Bar Harbor, Maine.

In the downtown area of Bar Harbor, Maine along with the pier and beach is a great walking path which follows the coastline for about a mile. I was up very early one morning with the sun while on our vacation and I loved the shape of this tree. To me it had the shape of hands reaching for the sky and it had a great position to view the sunrise each morning at the beginning of this walking path.

Here in this image I was actually doing some hand-held test shooting to find my exposure settings when I crouched down to shoot this tree from a lower vantage point. This image almost went into the delete pile but I thought better of it and ended up processing it in black and white. If you were in Bar Harbor and turned around from this camera position you would see this and if you kept walking past the tree and hopped down to the shoreline you would come across this.

After I processed this image into black and white I was kind of mad at myself for wanting to delete it. At first I felt like the image just did not meet my standard and should be deleted but as a memory of the trip the image is priceless.

Image Data: ISO 100. Lens set to 40mm. F11 @ 1/60. UV filter and handheld.


12 thoughts on “Reaching

  1. I like the vertical composition too! Black and white was a good choice, it forced me to focus on the forms in the image rather than having color compete with them. Nicely done!

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