Ducks in a row

Moored boats by the Burlington, Vermont breakwater with storm clouds at sunrise.

I took today’s image back in June right around the time when the flood waters were receding along the shores of the lake. At this time of year there are plenty of moored boats out on the lake to use as photographic subjects along our breakwater which protects the shore from some of the harsher weather that it gets from the wind and waves.

This particular day had a nice set of storm clouds at sunrise being lazy and moving their was through the area. It’s nice when you have inclement weather and no rain like this which often brings awesome cloud formations across the lake from New York. It makes for more comfortable shooting conditions which as you all know don’t always occur when you want them too.

During the sunrise hours the water out on Lake Champlain can be quite still which brings out some interesting reflections in the water and it makes for some nice composition choices. This is looking out from the tip of Perkins Pier and I wanted to take a normal image this time…No long exposure. I really liked this row of boats and the ripples in the water…I though it gave a nice contrast with the storm clouds above.


19 thoughts on “Ducks in a row

  1. I like the image and the comparison to ducks in a row. The bottom 1/3 of the image doesn’t do a whole lot for me. Have you played with a crop near the end of the reflection of the masts making it more of a panoramic dimension?

    • I see what your saying about the crop. Compositions are hard sometimes with a wide angle…I get too much of the water in the image. Sometime soon I hope to get a longer lens to get a little closer in those shots.

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