Stone carving on the Burlington, Vermont bike path. Shot with off camera flash.

As you walk along the waterfront here in Burlington and start heading away from the city, Along the edges of the water are several stone carvings among the rocks and boulders that serve as the base for the shoreline and the bike path. I was out one day last week challenging myself to only shoot with off camera flash and came across several compositions including this flower on the shoreline. You must forgive me as I cannot remember the original intent or purpose of these statues but each of them is carved with different figures and makes for some interesting subject matter.

Off camera flash is now one of my favorite things to practice with along with my regular work and I always carry my flash gear with me. I liked the above figure on the stone…It had a pretty sweet nautical quality to it and I really saw this image in black and white! I shot from a low angle to make the rock seem a bit more imposing and I got lucky with the nice cloud structures that were coming through the area that day. This stone carving here reminded me of Burlington’s past history in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s where there was thriving trade and commerce going on in the waterfront area.

Image Data: ISO 100. Lens set to 17mm. F4 @ 1/3200. UV filter. Canon 430 ex 2 speed light with a 16 foot off camera shoe cord.


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