Top of the mountain

Sunburst at the top of Mount Mansfield. Underhill State Park. Underhill, Vermont.

I made this image way back in June right before we headed off on our trip to Maine. I made a day hike up Mount Mansfield which is the tallest mountain/point in Vermont. It’s quite a spectacular hike with incredible views of Vermont in every direction. The lower portion is pretty dense with trees however the fun really starts when you get up above the treeline, At 3/4 of the way up you will see this tree! It’s a really long hike at almost 4400 feet but well worth the effort with tons of photo ops for the adventurous photographer!

As I was making my way back down for the day the fantastic cloud formations we were getting broke for just a moment and this great sunburst presented itself to me. It was a really nice present after the long hike up to the top. I got just a few frames before the clouds obscured the sun again but fortunately my camera was a the ready. I am eagerly awaiting Fall and the changing of the leaves!

Image Data: ISO 200. Lens set to 17mm. F22 @ 1/640. UV filter.


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