Among the rocks

A flower growing from the rocks on the shore of Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont.

I have yet to determine what type of flower this is but I spotted it last week while out doing some off camera flash work. The shores of Lake Champlain can be quite rocky in spots and I really do admire the few trees and flowers that make their home in such an unforgiving environment. This particular flower sits near a Coast Guard station and looks out over the boathouse and docks of Burlington. After being damaged pretty heavily in the spring from all the flooding we had it is nice to see some life returning along the shores.

I made this image with a Canon 430 ex 2 speed light and a 16 foot off camera shoe cord with the flash set to manual at full power. The flash gave the flower some nice pop compared to the rocky and mostly barren landscape of this shoreline.I used Focal point 2 to make the center buds of the flower the focal point as I wanted everything else to  be obscured.

Image Data: ISO 100. Lens set to 40mm. F11 @ 1/500. UV filter.


16 thoughts on “Among the rocks

    • I agree Jim but with high speed sync you can really make subjects pop out of the image! I wish I had the 580 ex 2 then I could use it as a master and the 430 as a slave!

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