Waving flag

Moving clouds and flagpole in Burlington, Vermont. A long exposure with the Lee Big Stopper.

I usually don’t post images as soon as I take them but I really like how this one turned out. With my work schedule changing I now am used to getting up at 5 a.m. and I find myself on my days off getting up early to shoot at sunrise. Today I got up and saw some unremarkable clouds but knowing how the weather changes around here I grabbed my gear and headed down to the lake.

I am glad I don’t listen to myself when I want to crawl back into bed because this morning was worth shooting! Great cloud movement and cool temps made me break out the ten stop filter even though I did not have long exposures in mind when I went out to shoot. The only bad element was the color in the sunrise…Not particularly bold but still a nice sunrise.

While I was shooting something else I looked up at this flagpole and saw some great clouds moving through the area and I quickly envisioned this image! A nice, Static element with some awesome cloud movement made me shift camera positions and shoot a few frames of this flag waving in the breeze. What drew me in to this image was the lines of the flag pole and the loops from the ropes hanging down from the top.

Image Data: ISO 100. Lens set to 17mm. F11 @ 67 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper.


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