Hard work does pay off!

Maple leaves swirling in a small pool of water. Smugglers Notch, Vermont.

Today I thought I would write a more inspirational blog post about working hard as a photographer because I received quite the surprise in the mailbox when I got home from work today! I am never one to toot my own horn or think I am better than anyone else but when you score a victory with a published image in a magazine it can be exciting to see the fruits of all of your hard work.

As most of you who follow my blog and work know I submit images four times a year to Vermont Life Magazine. Vermont Life is published by the State of Vermont and features many great photographers and their incredible work. It has been a goal  of mine for quite some time to get a full-page image and now I can say that milestone has finally been reached! As the magazine is only published four times a year the competition is quite fierce to get into an issue and the process of prepping and submitting images takes up a great deal of time.

A few months ago I was contacted by the publisher and asked for the location for the above image. I provided the location to him and did not hear anything else after the few emails we exchanged. I did not want to get my hopes up so I decided to keep quiet about the possibility of getting an image published until I knew for sure that it would happen. To my surprise my girlfriend checked the mail this afternoon and there was a copy of the new Autumn issue and right on page three is the above image!

I am not sure how to react at the moment but working hard and never giving up on the professional photographer dream does pay off! What the image above does not show is the time away from family, Getting up early for sunrise, The hiking into areas no sane person would go into, The gas and long driving trips, And the frustration at constant submission rejection. If you have the determination and the desire than you should never give up on your photography.

I am humbled and honored to be in the company of so many great photographers that I have had the pleasure to meet through Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. You all inspire me with your great works daily and I hope in some small way that I do the same. It’s taken my work a long time to progress to this point and I thought I would share this bit of good news to give others some inspiration who have the same goals and dreams as myself.


10 thoughts on “Hard work does pay off!

  1. A really great write up here Andy and congrats on being published on page 3! That’s really outstanding, as is this shot! Keep getting out there and shooting; you’ve inspired me and I feel like I need to get out and get shooting now instead of being at work!!

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