On the pier

Side view of Perkins Pier with barge poles in a long exposure. Burlington, Vermont.

Here is a side view of Perkins Pier that I shot a few weeks ago at sunrise while looking for some new shooting ops. I happened to look out at the barge poles and I noticed this shot. In my mind I could see that it would look great as a long exposure with the boats in the background and the reflections of the clouds on the water. A tough shot to compose because of the way the pier is constructed but I did like the lines and how the pier points to the poles and the landscape beyond.

What is not visible is some of the damage to the pier from the spring flooding that we had. The water was several feet above the camera position and when you looked out at the barge poles only their tops would have been visible. The water was so high for so long that the wave action eventually started to erode the pier and parts of the shoreline which remain damaged to this day.

This is one of my favorite places in town to shoot early in the morning just because of the peace and quiet. Their is not much activity and the sunrises are really awesome!

Image Data: ISO 100. Lens set to 20mm. F11 @ 180 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper.


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