My girlfriend Alison and myself watching the sunset with the first storm clouds from Hurricane Irene moving into our area. Lake Champlain from Oakledge Park in Burlington, Vermont.

Over this past weekend my girlfriend and I held a party to celebrate our commitment to each other in a non traditional way. We had been planning and working on this for a while now and Hurricane Irene almost spoiled our plans. There were a number of reasons why we chose to be committed to each other over marriage and we wanted to share that with our friends and family which are important to us.We certainly were biting our nails as the weather reports kept changing but fortune smiled on us at our event.

I had not planned to take any images at all as we arranged for a family member to do that task so I could enjoy my own party! The weather for the day was fantastic but as the sun was setting the first clouds from Hurricane Irene started to make their way to the area which you can see in the images. I wasn’t paying attention at all to the sunset when someone excitedly ( Possibly alcohol induced) started yelling at me to go and shoot the sunset. It was at this moment that I looked up and saw a really fantastic sunset with the best colors that I have seen all summer!

I could see that this fantastic light was fading really fast and I only had time to get about four images before this great light disappeared for good. I left all of my filters at home but the sunset cemented the party and our commitment to each other in my mind with a great image from the day!

Sunset over Lake Champlain with approaching Hurricane Irene storm clouds. I shot this image about a minute or two before the above image with myself and Alison.

Image Data: (First image) ISO 200. 25mm. F11 @ 4 seconds. Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens.(Second image) ISO 100. 50mm. F11 @ 2 seconds. Canon 50mm F1.8 lens


11 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Great photos and congrats on the commitment party. Glad you could still proceed with that, even with a nasty storm looming. Many year of happiness to you and Alison!

  2. Congrats on the commitment man, that is outstanding! Definitely glad that you were able to get it in with the storms looming. The colors here are just magical too, what a beautiful day you had!

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