To the sea: A boat dock in Bar Harbor, Maine.

A boat dock and boats in Bar Harbor, Maine at sunrise.

On our trip to Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park and Portland in Maine I had the pleasure of being able to get up early in the mornings to go out and shoot some of the sights. While not specifically a photo trip I did want to shoot as much as I could. The above image was the first image I shot on our first morning in Bar Harbor. Each day we were there I got up early with the sun and each day I was greeted to several other photographers shooting in the area. In my quest to not shoot what everyone else was I made an image of this boat dock.

I was drawn to the lines and perspective here leading me down to the boats which were tied up to the dock below. While I had my camera pointed in the direction of the sun I liked the shadows on the dock and all of the lines that were created with the sun striking the dock. Shooting this dock really put me in the environment with the sun coming up over the ocean and the salty, sea air.

Image Data: ISO 100. 24mm. F11 @ 1/20. UV filter.


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