Banding Together. A seacost image in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Small motorboats and dock in Bar Harbor, Maine at sunrise.

I enjoyed the whole nautical vibe I was getting when I went out to shoot in the mornings on our vacation to Maine. It’s not quite the same feeling here on Lake Champlain and around the Burlington waterfront at sunrise when I am out shooting as most of the boats are used for pleasure and recreation. It was nice to be out and see all of the hearty souls preparing for a hard day of lobsterin’, Most if not all of the boats that I saw in Frenchman’s Bay were used for the purpose.

While poking my nose and camera around the dock area in Bar Harbor I came across a long line of small power boats all moored together gently moving on the morning waves. Something struck me about the shapes and lines looking down on these boats and I thought this image would fit in well with the nautical theme I had hoped to capture here. I wanted this one to have an old-time feel to it so I added a bit of grain and made the edges lighter rather than darker.

Image Data: ISO 200. 40mm. F11 @ 1/15. UV Filter.


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