Autumn is coming!

Maple leaf on a hiking trail in Underhill, Vermont.

Today’s hike was more of a scouting mission for Fall foliage season on a new trail for me that I have never hiked before. I did make a few images but I was more interested in possible locations to shoot for the Fall. The leaves are starting to turn and I wanted to investigate this trail which starts in Underhill and makes its way over to Stowe and Lake Mansfield. There was a lot of blowdown and debris  from hurricane Irene and let’s just say that the trail was more than a little wet from some recent rain.

I was not surprised that their was some fallen leaves on the ground which were turning color and I found the maple leaf above on the forest floor. I wouldn’t say that it is unusual to see a little color at this time of year but with our extremely wet spring and now the hurricane damage anything can happen this year. There wasn’t enough color change to warrant many images here but I did scout out some beaver ponds and a few other interesting photo ops to do in the coming weeks.

I wanted this leaf to stand out so I chose to leave it in color and switched the background to black and white. Most of the background was green so I simply desaturated the green out of the image and cleaned up the rest with the adjustment brush in lightroom set to -100 on the saturation slider. This leaf reminded me of my favorite time of year but also the most challenging to shoot. With some luck this will be the start of a good foliage season!


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