Mushroom growth on a tree in Underhill, Vermont.

For the first time in about a year I broke out the Canon 60mm macro lens to give myself a fresh perspective while out shooting this week. While out hiking the Nebraska Notch trail on a scouting mission for Fall foliage shots I came across a good opportunity to use the macro lens on this tree that was sticking out into the trail. I am not sure if these are considered mushrooms or lichen but the repeating pattern was quite interesting.

One of my personal goals this Autumn is to focus on the intimate details in a scene rather than the grand scale, Wide angle image. While I won’t pass up a good wide-angle shot if one presents itself I feel sometimes I am always shooting this type of image and I am missing other potential shots within a scene. I would like to focus more on color and shape within the usual sometimes busy forest scenes here in Vermont. These mushrooms really stuck out to me as their pattern was gorgeous and they were tightly packed together making for a very interesting image.

Image Data: ISO 100. 60mm macro. F11 @ 1 second.



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