Tangled webs

Petrified tree in a beaver pond. Nebraska Notch Trail. Underhill, Vermont

I love finding new beaver ponds to explore when I am out looking for  photo ops. I have never been to this one before and I was quite surprised when the trail opened up onto this one. This pond is in the middle of a small valley surrounded on all sides by mountains. What was unique about this one is the “tree graveyard” as I like to call them that was in the pond. All around were quite a number of petrified trees in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

While the ground here was quite spongy I did come across a number of great compositions which I will be exploring in the coming weeks as the leaves start to change more. There was just too much green here to make effective compositions but I always try to see the potential in an area in the different seasons. The clouds were flat and uninteresting but they did provide some nice and soft light to work with.

I took the above image of this up turned tree and it’s roots as more of a teaser shot for the potential of the area. I love these old trees with their gnarly shapes and lines and I wanted this one to be pretty prominent in the frame without the sky. My hope is that as the color of the leaves change so will the interesting grasses in the pond. I want to get some nice color images here but for now I leave you with this!

Image Data: ISO 100. 29mm. F11 @ 1/40. UV Filter. Tripod on spongy and very wet ground.



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