Around the world with a disposable camera update!

Holy cow! What a great response to a small idea that I had in a bookstore. I am so grateful to everyone for wanting to participate in something that will be fun and that I hope to continue! I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on how the project was going so far. I bought two disposable cameras today with 27 frames on them and the list of people who want to do this is now at 34! I had the intention of only needing one camera but this idea has been so popular that I will have to start a second camera which means 27 exposures x 2 cameras = 54 exposures – 34 people = 20 more people needed to join in.

I did get a suggestion of having one of the cameras be for here in the United States and the second would be for Europe. I do like this idea but we will need some more European photographers to join in who are on Twitter. I have looked into shipping rates at least to England and it is fairly inexpensive. UPS and Fedex wanted 80 USD to ship that tiny little camera but regular USPS and the at least the British equivalent are cheap.

Once we get enough people together who want to participate I will dm everyone on Twitter for their addresses so I can begin to figure out in which order the camera will be sent. I want to group the closest people together to keep the shipping costs at a reasonable level. I am also thinking of adding a tiny notebook to send along with each camera for people to write something in. I had an idea running in the back of my head that it might be nice at some point to make a photo book on the project and it would be nice to have some commentary from everyone. It’s just an idea though. I am really excited to see everyone’s viewpoints in their photographs! I have a few ideas as too themes but I also would love to hear any ideas you all may have..If you have an idea on a theme please let me know! For now the list is as follows…

1.Andy Gimino. (@photoronin) Burlington, Vermont.
2.Cynthia Swindler. (@PhotoOTMissoula) Missoula, Montana.
3.Edith Levy. (@EdithLevy21) Toronto, Cananda.
4.Brian Scott. (@BriscoPhoto) Newfoundland, Canada
5.Enid Bamberger. (@edbphotography9) Lexington, KY
6.Chris Frailey. (@Chris_Frailey) Phoenix, Arizona
7.Aaron Yeoman. (@AaronYeoman) England
8.Suzie Broadbent. (@windrushimages) Calgary, Canada
9.Emma Barr. (@BubsyBarr) Lanarkshire, England
10.Jon Stolarski. (@jstolarski) Mesa, Arizona
11.Ace Noguera. (@AceNoguera) Miami, Florida
12.Chris Nitz. (@Chris_Nitz) Madison, Wisconsin
13.Traci Law. (@tracilaw) Philadelphia, PA
14.Mark Moore. (@pictureNC) Greensboro, NC
15. Michael Murphy. (@murphyz) London, England
16. Jim Denham. (@Jim_Denham) Cottage Grovel, MN
17. Brian Arsenault. (@brianarsenault) Massachusettes
18. Jamie Proctor-Brassard. (@Letter_10) Hinesburg, Vermont
19. Hannah Beynon. (@fotofleur) Providence, Rhode Island
20.Michael Trauffer. (@MichaelTrauffer.) Virginia Beach
21. Aaron Barlow. (@AbarlowPhoto) Southern California
22. Jill Jichetti. (@JillWrites) New York.
23. Julie Foster. (@JuliaFoster) Newmarket, New Hampshire
24. Cindi Ressler. (@cindiressler) Stetson, Maine
25. Karuna Ang. (@kzyin) Iowa.
26. Cathy Weatherston. (@CathyBaitson) Newcastle, Dublin, Ireland.
28. Jonna Jones. (@JTJones86) Finland.
29. Casey Sachen. (@CS312Photo) Chicago, Illinois
30. Travis Lawton. (@TheLawtographer.) Seattle, Washington.
31. Lyndsey Christine. (@lchristinephoto) New Jersey/Philly/NYC
32. Nicoleigh. (@misworded) Boston, Mass.
33. Mats Ljunggren. (@Kesoburken) Sweden.
34. Philip K. Walker. (@walkerpk) Merseyside, UK.


13 thoughts on “Around the world with a disposable camera update!

  1. Hey don’t forget Australia!

    Count me – however as a suggestion why don’t participants buy their own – develop their own and share their own

    All shots must be done within the same 24 period to allow for time zones


  2. For one of the rolls of film, you can just have letters of the alphabet followed by a number perhaps. i.e. First person on the list shoots something to do with the letter A, second person B, etc, Last person, #27 gets to do a number.

  3. I was talking to my wife about this last night and mentioned it would be cool to photobook them all up. She also mentioned to put them up for display someplace. Not sure how that would work though!

    I really love this idea though and everything behind it. Gotta do the notebook thing also 🙂

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