Around the world with a disposable camera..Update #2

Wow…What an undertaking this photo project has become! It’s tiring with all of the other life stuff and work but also very exciting knowing where this little camera and journal is going to be going! Today I plotted out the order in which the camera will be mailed and I also came up with a list of possible themes for the project that I would like you all to vote on. I decided also to dm everyone individually on Twitter with the name and address of the person that you will be mailing the camera to after you are done taking your image. In an effort to protect everyone’s privacy this way each person will only know the address of only one person in our group instead of knowing everyone’s address.

First off…I will be sending out two cameras with 27 exposures on them. The list of people on the project stands at 47 so I have divided the group up into 24 people on the United States camera and 23 people on the Canada/Europe and all other points camera. This leaves 3 extra frames on the United States camera and 4 extra frames on the other camera! This way there is a little wiggle room in case something gets screwed up with your frame then you can take another..Also if anyone wants to get serious photographer points and kudos I wouldn’t mind if the extra frames were used up creatively somehow. If you do happen to use an extra frame just make a note of it in the small journal I will be sending with the cameras which must be passed on to the next person! We just have to make sure everyone get their one frame.

So here is the order in which the camera will be shipped and I have tried to be as fair as possible in grouping people as close together as I could for shipping reasons. The camera and journal will weight less than one pound and is fairly cheap to ship between countries…Just remember to ship it for as cheap as possible. If anyone is going to have difficulties with this please let me know. I will need everyone to email me their full name, Twitter handle Your vote for theme from the list below and address to me at with “photo project” in the subject line. In turn I will dm each person on twitter with the address and name they should send the camera too. Once I count all the votes I will let you all know what the them will be!

Camera #1-United States

1. @photoronin. Vermont

2. @Letter_10.  Vermont

3. @hilaryhess. Vermont

4. @JuliaFoster. New Hampshire

5. @cindyressler. Maine

6. @brianarsenault. Massachussettes

7. @misworded. Massachussettes

8. @lchristinephoto. Jersey/Philly/NC

9. @rbp2. Pennsylvania

10. @fotofleur. Rhode Island

11. @edbphotography9. Kentucky

12. @jillwrites. New York

13. @jmvaszquezjr. New York

14. @cs312photo. Illinois

15. @chris_nitz. Wisconsin

16. @Jim_Denham. Minnesota

17. @photootmissoula. Montana

18. @kzyin. Iowa

19. @kleinang. Iowa

20. @moxie_marmalade. Texas

21. @chris_frailey. Arizona

22. @jstolarski. Arizona

23. abarlowphoto. California

24. thelawtographer. Washington

Camera #2- U.S./Canada/U.K./Ireland/Finland/Australia/Venezuela

1. @tracilaw. Pennsylvania

2. @michaeltrauffer. Virginia

3. @picturenc. North Carolina

4. @AceNoguera. Florida

5. @kamihack. Venezuela

6. @edithlevy21. Canada

7. @briscophoto. Canada

8. @windrushimages. Canada

9. @barbadamski. Canada

10. @vincentdemers. Canada

11. @kerryjordantog. United Kingdom

12. @aaronyeoman. United Kingdom

13. @bubsybarr. United Kingdom

14. @murphyz. United Kingdom

15. @walkerpk. United Kingdom

16. @photogenixlincs. United Kingdom

17. @nwessexgirl. United Kingdom

18. @anbphotoblog. United Kingdom

19. @cathybaitson. Ireland

20. @roadrecords. Ireland

21. @jtjones86. Finland

22. @justjimwilldo. Australia

23. @webtragics. Australia.


Here are some of the possible themes that I came up with and I should note a few were suggested by others in the project!

1. Where you live.

2. What defines your city?

3. Colors

4. perspective

5. numbers

6. letters

7. doors

8. trees

9. time

10. street

11. curves

12. elements

13. down low

14. Look up

15. geometric shapes

16. signs

17. texture

18. shadow

19. patterns

I think extra special cool points should go to the photographer who can also get a self-portrait in with the chosen them! If none of the themes here are to anyones liking then I will gladly take suggestions as to possible themes.


5 thoughts on “Around the world with a disposable camera..Update #2

  1. Great work @photoronin!

    Myself I would prefer to have ‘Top Down’ perspective – I love getting up to the top of Mount Wellington on a fine day which overlooks the bays that surround the city.

    Alternatively running with a marine theme would be great.


  2. Good call. I’m nervous about my disposable camera skills, been on digital for too long now, plus no manual control is frightening!

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