I am alone

Large boulder with the spine of the Green Mountains visible. In the distance is the beginnings of our Autumn foliage season! Underhill, Vermont.

Yesterday I hiked up Mount Mansfield again only this time I went at it from the Frost trail. The Frost trail starts fairly close to the Nebraska Notch trail which winds its way over into Stowe. The beginning portion of this trail is fairly difficult as the incline is quite steep but after a while it levels out a bit and becomes easier. Mount Mansfield can be difficult to shoot at times because for most of the day it is bathed in sunlight…like yesterday. Ideally it would have been nice with a little cloud cover but I did not get those conditions!

About two-thirds of the way up I came across this boulder just sitting here all by itself. This boulder is in a perfect position to be shot with a tilt-shift lens as of to the left of this image is the highest point in Vermont and in front of it as you can see here is the rest of the mountain range. Without a tilt-shift I did my best to capture this pretty cool rock all by itself. I had to shoot a HDR bracket as the rock is facing the sun which made getting a good solid exposure difficult. I had to break out the circular polarizer and a two stop graduated neutral density filter to tame the sun a bit but I was quite pleased with the results!

Image Data: 9 image HDR bracket merged and tonemapped in Photomatix Pro.


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