The water tower

Moss Glen Falls. Stowe, Vermont.

I have shot this falls many times over the past few years and this time I went for something a little different. This falls is a challenge to shoot as the best view of it is in the gorge it is in right in front of it. A hiking trail runs alongside the falls here looking over into the narrow gorge and upper falls that the water has been carving out of the rocks.  I prefer the middle portion of this falls as it is the most interesting part of it but here I decided to get the whole thing in the frame.

The water level was low this time around which reveled the rocks from a huge rock slide off to camera left. It’s dangerous to walk into this gorge as the slabs of rock on the upper gorge could give way at anytime. I weigh this against getting the best shot here that I can…Shooting this falls from above just don’t do it justice and I have scrambled all over this gorge looking for interesting view points of the water. Getting to this falls takes about an hour and is exactly 40 miles from my home. After this one shot some kids wandered into the frame and one of them sat down on the rocks and pretended to meditate. One hour, lots of gas…for this one frame!


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