Where’s the boat?

Small boat and dock in Camden, Maine.

This is one of my last good shots from our Maine vacation that I have been holding on too for a bit. On our way from Bar Harbor to Portland we passed through Camden which is where a friend of mine grew up. Out of respect for him and our curiosity we stopped in town briefly to check out the sites! I wanted this image to be a companion piece to this image that I had taken in Bar Harbor.

I really loved this town and it’s harbor location. I wish that we had a few more days to explore but I did see a great deal of photo ops here. We were walking along the main harbor area here when I came across this image. I love perspective images of this type and I was drawn to the small dinghy at the end of the dock. I thought it would make a nice shot with the out of focus town scene in the background.

Image Data: ISO 100. 27mm. F11 @ 1/15. UV Filter.


18 thoughts on “Where’s the boat?

    • Thanks Mimi…That header photo is one I took this summer. It’s Lake Champlain from the Burlington waterfront. I was out shooting one day when this crazy storm rolled through. Very little rain but lots of wind…I kept shooting because the cloud formations were fantastic!

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