Around the world with a disposable camera project! Update #3

Well the votes are in and the most popular choice for the theme is Where you live/ What defines your city! As suggested to me when you are making your image on the theme that you should all shoot something lesser known in your particular city. Some of us live in the same city and certain landmarks and locations are over photographed. Be creative and shoot something a little less traveled! Bonus points to the photographer who can get a self-portrait in along with the theme in their image! I shot my frame this morning and will be shipping the camera’s out tomorrow so that we can get started.

A couple of suggestions…The camera’s count down from the final frame which is #27 and each person should make a note of which frame # they shot in the journal. (this will also be helpful to me when I get the film developed so I know which image belongs to which person.) Each person should advance the frame so that when the next person gets the camera all they have to do is shoot. There is a flash on the camera and if you do use it I would diffuse it somehow with tracing paper/ toilet paper…etc. We all know how bad these flashes are so I think some diffusion will help the images.

I am going to dm everyone on Twitter the address of the person they will be sending the camera to. Again I think this is best so each person will only know one address. When I get the camera’s back I will delete the address info from my computer. I am putting a small journal in with each camera and I don’t want to put any rules on what each person writes in the journal. Write what you want/feel about the project or photography in general but don’t limit yourself to that. There are enough pages in each journal for everyone to have two pages in which to write. Also the USA camera will have 5 extra frames and the Canada/Europe camera will have 4 extra frames! If something happens and you mess up your shot then use an extra frame and bonus points to the photographer who can creatively use the extra frames somehow! Remember to keep track of your frames with the journal!

Everyone..Have fun with it and I am looking forward to seeing all of your images! Hit me up on Twitter @photoronin so we all know where the camera is!


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