Exposed roots

Waterfall with exposed roots. Frost Trail. Underhill, Vermont

This waterfall is another one that I have visited and shot many times…It is located at the beginning of the Frost Trail which winds its way up Mount Mansfield. It’s a neat little spot because although the waterfall is small there are a few drops to it with interesting rocks and small pools. Plenty of photo ops to keep a photographer busy for a while! Hurricane Irene hammered a good deal of Vermont and this area was no exception.

While there was not as much damage here as in the southern portions of the state, It is still evident in the area. The hurricane knocked down a lot of trees including the exposed roots visible in this image. What struck me was the way all of the roots really stood out against the backdrop of this waterfall. Difficult to frame the way I wanted to but I gave it my best try here!

Image Data: ISO 200. 21mm. F8 @ 220 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper.



15 thoughts on “Exposed roots

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