Color down below

Lichen and alpine shrubbery on Mount Mansfield changing color. Mount Mansfield. Underhill, Vermont.

I really hate to miss photo ops so during this foliage season I have committed myself to getting better at shooting the intimate details in a scene rather than just the wide angles all of the time. I think with wide angles oftentimes you are not thinking about the images that could be made if you looked much closer at hand. The above image is my way to start to remedy that in my photography work!

When you start getting to the treeline and above on Mount Mansfield on the rocks and ground are all of these really neat looking mosses, lichen, small shrubs and alpine grasses. I love the look of these very fragile elements and as the leaves start to turn so do the small shrubs here on the ground. They provide a great contrast in color to the white appearance of the moss and lichen. My original intent here was to shoot for black and white but I loved the color here so much that I did not convert this image. It just goes to show you that there is a whole other world out their to shoot other than the wide-angle!

Image Data: ISO 100. Canon 60mm macro lens. F11 @ 1/8.


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