Reflections of Fall

Forest and Fall foliage reflections. Abbey Pond. Middlebury, Vermont.

I hardly ever use my long lens of late but getting to this pond much too late in the day made for some intense sun and bright skies. Abbey pond is a two and a half mile hike in on a very narrow “path” through the woods. The position of the pond means that if you don’t get here before sunrise it gets bathed in sunlight for most of the day. The long hike in left me with no choice but to shoot some other interesting scenes here. The pond itself is difficult to navigate around its edges due to some pretty thick growth so a long lens is necessary to capture images here.

I love this pond for its remoteness and if you spend a little time here there are plenty of photo ops around the area where the trail meets the pond. The trees here in this image are shielded quite well from the intense sun and where reflecting some nice color onto the water surface. While the foliage generally starts in the Northern sections and moves south there are small pockets of great color in spots south like this pond.

Image Data: ISO 100. 125mm. F11 @ 1/15. Canon EF 75-300 lens with a Circular Polarizer attached.


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