A Small Island

Small boulder in a stream with Fall foliage and tree reflections. Abbey Pond. Middlebury, Vermont.

Last week I made a trip to Abbey Pond to see how the Fall colors were progressing in Southern parts of the state. The pond can be found quite easily however it’s a 2 and a half mile hike in and I wouldn’t exactly call it a “trail.” The first section of the trail while steep is quite nice with a series of waterfalls running alongside but about halfway on the hike it turns into a muddy and rocky…”footpath.”The area around the pond is remote and a future mission here I hope will include some type of boat. It’s the only way to really explore the area as the brush around the pond is quite thick.

The upper portion of stream that feeds the waterfalls from the pond is uninteresting but I came across this small rock right in the middle of a nice reflection in the stream. I thought that the light greens and yellows in the trees were a nice contrast to the tree limbs, sky and rock.

Image Data: ISO 100. 26mm. F11 @ 1.6 seconds. UV filter and a Cokin Circular polarizer.


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