A Maples Decay

Changing Maple leaves. Abbey Pond. Middlebury, Vermont.

Fall is probably the best season to shoot in here in Vermont and one that I wait all year for to pack as much shooting as I can into a two-week period in October. The color in the changing leaves is such a fantastic contrast to a host of different environments and shooting situations. This year has been extremely rough on our beloved Maples as they have had to endure flooding, Intense rain, A Hurricane and several bad wind storms. A frustrating season to be sure, The weather has been uncooperative at times and on three straight photo trips intense rain soaked myself and my gear. Through it all I try to remain optimistic about my work through this very short season.

I took the above image a few weeks ago on my trip to Abbey Pond. I found these great looking Maple leaves in the scrub along the edges of the pond and their multiple colors on the same few leaves really stood out to me. I tend to shoot more macro images at this time of year and I had to break out the macro lens for these leaves! I suppose the Fall season is a reminder to make the most of your time no matter what you are doing because the time tends to slip away on you.

Image Data: ISO 400. Canon 60mm Macro lens. F11 @ 1/30.


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