Ferns and small leaf. Abbey Pond. Middlebury, Vermont

Here in Vermont we have lots of these small ferns that line the forest floors and in the Autumn it’s interesting to see how the leaves falling from the trees above can get trapped inside the ferns. They grow in groups of three or four main branches in a cone shape with the small end at the base of the fern. They have a very delicate structure and when converted to a black and white the green will turn into white and shades of grey.

When I made this image I knew that it would make a great B+W conversion and shot it with that intention. While the greens here tend to get a little dull here as Autumn progresses the image still made a nice conversion into monochrome. Even though the leaves are changing it’s interesting to see how things can change right under your own feet!

Image Data: ISO 100. Canon 60mm Macro lens. F11 @ .8 seconds.


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