The March Of Change

Small leaves and beach scrub changing color in Autumn. Oakledge Park. Burlington, Vermont.

The foliage changes in stages here starting at the tops of the trees in the mountains, Moving down to the middle of the trees and then on into the valleys and low-lying areas. The smaller foliage and brush closest to the ground is the last to change and I found some quite colorful foliage while out shooting last week. In years past I would have ignored this but I have realized what a mistake it is to miss out on shooting some of this fantastic color right under my feet!

I made this image at a park and beach about five minutes away from my home. I have posted many images from this area and I always seem to find new things to shoot at the location. I found this section of small scrub and the colors were very vibrant amongst a lot of weeds and green grasses. Difficult to get anything other than a top down view (belive me I tried…got down on the ground in the mud and dirt but couldn’t quite pull off a different composition) but a little off camera flash here helped to illuminate the foliage and boost the color a bit.

Image Data: ISO 400. 40mm. F11 @ 1/40. Canon 430 ex2 speedlight set to manual and 1/8th power and 16 foot off camera shoe cord.

*Update 8/2013: Umm yeah this is poison ivy!


7 thoughts on “The March Of Change

  1. Nice shot, but be careful next time you take a shot of this particular “scrub” as it’s poison ivy!

    Cheers, John

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