Double Down

Mountain with Fall foliage reflecting in a beaver pond with grass. Underhill, Vermont

I have been investigating this beaver pond over the course of several weeks and finally the water level dropped enough where the camera is positioned to make this shot. The pond channels into a narrow opening at the back of this small valley and tumbles down a very small waterfall and stream to this spot. The channel has been covered with water most times I have been here but on this occasion just enough of the channel was dry enough for me to sit on with my tripod.

The composition is good with the reflection in the water however the tall grasses in the foreground were very dark so I had to break out my trusty speedlight for this one! Without just a little bit of extra light this shot would not have been possible and I would have gone home empty-handed. This particular trail winds its way around Mount Mansfield and on over into Stowe.

Any image you see here can be purchased as a print directly from me!

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/4. Canon 430 ex2 speedlight with a 16 foot off camera shoe cord.


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