Stuck On You

Maple leaf stuck to rock with waterfall and Fall foliage. Underhill, Vermont.

Today’s scene is one that I have explored countless times and one that can be difficult to shoot. The waterfall has a nice s curve to it however off to camera left is a bunch of blow down from Hurricane Irene and to the right are these boulders and a pool of water. Slippery, uneven rocks make setting up a camera here a little bit tricky but it can be done.  When the water levels are low you don’t get much action as it spills over the smooth rock here, Waiting until after some rain always yields good results.

I wanted to shoot the last of the Fall color in the area and found this composition minutes after hiking into the woods here! I saw the leaf pasted to the rock and used that to anchor the composition with the waterfall tumbling in the background. Perfect 1/4 of a second exposures gave me some interesting movement in the water along with a little off camera flash to give some illumination to the rock and leaf in the foreground.

Image Data: ISO 100. 21mm. F11 @ 1/4. Canon 430 ex2 speedlight and a 16 foot off camera shoe cord. Cokin filter holder and circular polarizer.


9 thoughts on “Stuck On You

  1. I like the title! 🙂 Very cool shot. I would have upped the contrast a bit and added some fill light, but I think it works well just as is. That leaf in the foreground couldn’t be more perfect!

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