Center Stage

Fallen Maple leaf on the ground at Underhill, State Park. Underhill, Vermont

Our Maple trees take center stage around here in the Autumn as they put on their yearly show of fantastic colors. The last few years have been rough on the maples especially in 2011. This years foliage season seemed to come and go so quickly and most of my hikes were spent looking at all of the maple leaves on the ground rather than in the trees. Some years are good and some are bad but this year I made the most of my short window to shoot the foliage.

A few weeks ago I went on my last hike up Mount Mansfield for the year and came across this leaf on the Sunset Ridge Trail. It caught my eye because of its vibrant color and when I went to shoot it with my macro lens I noticed something really cool in the image. The blue from the sky was reflecting some neat patterns in the water surrounding the leaf! I almost walked by this one but after I made a careful review in the viewfinder I knew I had a keeper.

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Image Data: ISO 200. 60mm Canon macro lens. F11 @ 3.2 seconds.


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