The Walrus

Long exposure of driftwood and clouds on Lake Champlain. North Beach. Burlington, Vermont

The Autumn colors have quickly faded here and we have entered into the grey mood and feel of the coming winter. I was on a search to somehow show that in an image last week and I decided to head to North beach to see what was there. North Beach is about 10 minutes from my home here in Burlington but one that I have not been to in ages. It was nice when I arrived as there wasn’t a single soul at the beach…I had it all to myself to shoot.

The beach is quite wide open and there are a few photo ops here but I liked the above image the best. The driftwood had a unique curve to it and as I was processing it I noticed the log had a walrus look to it with a face poking out from the grain in the wood! I think the passing clouds overhead added to the mood here..There was also some ok color on the foliage here but it did not stand out enough to leave this image as a color shot. On a side note around the bend in the point of land in this image is a thrust fault which runs under Lake Champlain but is visible here with some unique geological formations. I have been itching to explore the point and I am hoping to come back with some decent images in the near future.

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Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F16 @ 80 seconds. Lee Big Stopper 10 stop neutral density filter.


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