A Misty Morning

Grasses and rocks on a rainy day at Noyes Pond. Groton, Vermont

This is a fine example of maps listing a location as one thing and road signs saying another. Ahhh the joys of shooting remote locations in Vermont. Indeed if you look carefully in some areas the towns still use ancient wooden sign posts which you can’t read as well! On a short day trip to Groton my girlfriend and I went to this pond to check out the foliage. The road signs say Seyon Pond road but maps say that the pond itself is Noyes Pond. I know it’s crazy but it dawned on us later that Seyon is just Noyes spelled backwards!

Wouldn’t you know it but it rained the entire day making shooting just about impossible and to top it all off the foliage here was mostly on the ground. The trip turned into a good scouting mission however as there are several photo ops at the pond  including an outbuilding useful for some star trail work and a small lodge which you can stay at. We are planning on returning next year as this location is a great jumping off point to travel around the area.

I managed to snap off this image while soaking myself and my gear. At first I hated this image but I grew to like the composition. I shot it handheld but amazingly I got a nice steady, sharp shot. This portion of the pond had a small section of rocks and grasses sticking out into the pond and at the very least on a rainy day I made some mental notes about the shooting possibilities.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/15


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