The Sentinels

Swift moving storm clouds over Perkins Pier. Burlington, Vermont

The boats are mostly gone now from the waterfront giving some nice unobstructed views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains beyond over in New York. I like this time of year as the number of distracting elements for images is reduced and as the cold sets in you have the place to yourself mostly in the mornings. I have been looking at this particular image all year trying to figure out a good way to frame it. A straight on shot is good here with a second set of barge poles off to camera right however there were still a few boats at the docks which were distracting.

I didn’t really want a straight on image here so I twisted my view just a bit to get this entire line of barge poles into the foreground of the image. The passing clouds were a bonus here because without them there wouldn’t be much interest in the scene. The poles remind me of guards or watchers keeping watch over the area in the long, cold months of winter.

Image Data: ISO 100. 20mm. F16 @ 120 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper neutral density filter.


13 thoughts on “The Sentinels

  1. I really like the water in this image. So smooth. Love the subtle reflections of the barge poles too. Very nice motion in the sky. There’s a lot of depth in the image. I keep looking out to the mountains.

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